Monday 10 September 2012

Get more pageviews with charts

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If you want to have posts that keep on getting page views for a very long time, try putting in a chart!  I posted a chart on types of clouds some time ago and it is the gift that keeps on giving.  The viewers come in via Google search.  This post is now my all time No4 on the Popular Posts lists.

Happy blogging!


  1. Hi Carole - so this cloud thing - can you talk to me as an imbecile - I am so crap at this stuff. where do I start to enbed a chart?

  2. ok, the way I do it is I find a chart I like by searching Google Images (be careful not to use ones that will get you in trouble), then save it to your hard drive (right click your mouse and a save picture as option should come up - you can give the chart a name and then click save - if you were being picky you should select My Pictures as the folder you save it in).

    Then when you want to do a post you simply start it and then click the little button at the top of that window that looks like a picture frame - it is immediately to the right of "link". A button called "Choose Files" will come up - click on it and go to where your chart is stored and select it and then click save or open whichever comes up. Then when it has done that you click the add selected to post and there it will be. If you then click on it you will see options as to size, orientation on the page and adding a caption. Good luck.


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