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  1. I actually have a question: I'm trying to post my sponsor page on my blog and it isn't showing up...I thought maybe you might know why that is and how to fix it or what I'm doing wrong! Thanks! If you can't help, that's ok!

  2. Sorry Carole, just wanted to confirm where you followed if maybe I need to fix something.

  3. hey! I'd be interested in doing a guest blog. I have a blog called Home Improvement Ninja here Here and I also have a green company that is not really a blog site, but I use the HTML and Java that I learned to manage it. it's here

    anyway, i was thinking a good post would be teaching yourself HTML using Code Academy, or if you are interested I can do a small tutorial about something else. drop me a line via email if you are interested. cheers,


    1. Pete, I couldn't find your email and the link to your blog didn't work. Please email me about this, cheers


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