Tuesday 25 September 2012

Keyboard shortcut for the day – Control + C and Control +V

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I thought I would share with you another keyboard shortcut I use constantly which is a good time saver. Many of you will already use keyboard shortcuts so just skip over this post if you know it all.

This shortcut works in a Word Document (which is where I draft almost all my posts) and also within the Blogger Compose window if you are drafting your Post directly in there

If you highlight/select the words or paragraphs you want to copy and then push Control and then c (while still holding down Control) your text will be copied. You can then paste it to wherever you want them by just pushing Control and then V. This is how I move my posts from my Word document into Blogger.

If I wasn't a bit of a careful sort, I could just cut the post and then paste it– but I prefer to leave it in the draft document just in case something goes wrong. (The keyboard shortcut for cut is Control+ X)

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