Monday 22 October 2012

Using Infographics

Apparently you get more page views if you use infographics - which can be simple like this one - or complicated - but if you use a complicated one be careful about readability!
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  1. Very fun and informative for the reader! How do you insert it into the blog!

    1. Good question - I'll give you the quick version here but will also prepare a post about it since I suspect many people won't be sure. First you save your graphic (either to your hard drive or via a photo storing service). Then if you are using Blogger you just go to draft post and then up the top you will see a little picture frame - if you click on that it will come up with a box where you can click select photo - you find the one you saved and then click add selected and bingo it will appear in your draft post. You can then click on it and you will see options to add a caption, centre it, change its size etc. Don't forget to preview your post so you know it looks ok before you publish it. Good luck


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