Thursday 11 October 2012

Buttons and awards – your views please?

Hi everyone.  Up to now I have kept Carole's Chatter a button and award free zone.  Not for any particular reason other than a wish to keep each post based on real content and also a belief that the less cluttered my home page is the better.

I would be really interested in starting a discussion about what you think the best approach is.  Obviously there could well be a different approach to buttons from awards.

So many of the awards going round seem to be a bit  like chain letters.  Does this bother you?  I must say that when I have been nominated for an award, I feel like a bit of a heel declining it.

In relation to buttons, I don't have a button for my Food on Friday or Books You Loved series.  I try to make each link event as easy as possible for people to participate in.  And because of this I haven't up til now put buttons on my site where I have linked in to other people's events.  I do visit lots of the other links and comment and so I do feel I am doing my bit.  Again what do you think is the best approach?

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