Thursday 4 October 2012

Google Analytics - get it now!

I wish I had signed up to Google Analytics much sooner.  Because I was late to the party, I can only see quite recent data on traffic to the site.  Signing up for it is easy and free – I can only tell you how I did it in Blogger.

You have to have a Google account to sign up.  If you are on Blogger you will have one.

Go to the Google Analytics official site.  This is the link

Click on sign up now – you find it in the top right hand corner.  You put in your Google account details and then you are almost there.

Then you just follow the boxes giving your blog address and name .  You have to agree to their terms of service.

You can then get the whole code – but you don't need it for Blogger – you just copy the Web Property ID and paste it into the relevant box in the settings part of your dashboard.  It is towards the bottom of the Other tab under settings.

And once you have saved your settings you will be good to go.  Any time you want to check what is there – just go  to Google Analytics and sign in and click to see what is going on.  

I recommend that you don't do this too frequently – or you will get obsessed!  You can look at all sorts of different views/cuts of the data about your blog.  I don't use much of it but will learn more over time.

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