Thursday 25 October 2012

A basic guide to putting a photo/infograph into a post in Blogger – for newbies only

Ok, all you experts out there will know how to do this.  But some people who are just starting out would like to know!

So how do you go about putting a photo or graph into your post.  First you find and save your photo/graph.  I know you will be careful about saving pics that are not your own!

I tend to save onto my own hard drive – but many people use photo storing sites – and I am sure that works just fine – in fact, if anyone would like to share a tip or two about them, that would be great – you can guest post or I can link to your post.

Then you open up the window where you normally draft your posts.  Up the top of that window you will see a row of stuff.  The one with the picture frame is the one you want – I have circled it in red.

Once you have clicked on the picture frame – this is what you will see.           

I just click on choose files and it then takes you to your picture files and you just click on the one you want to use.  You will see that it also has other options for how to select the photo.

Once you have chosen your file the box at the bottom called "add selected" will come live and you just click it and there your image is in your draft post!

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