Monday 4 February 2013

Pinning is now so easy ...

I am probably the last person on the planet to work this out ... but just in case.  Up til now I have been pinning stuff by either using the blog's pin it buttons in their posts, if they have one, or by manually adding a pin in Pinterest.

And today, by accident, while I was reading a comment I suddenly realised you could put a Pin It button onto your browser toolbar.  I Googled Pinterest toolbar button and got to this Pinterest page.  I am incredibly embarrassed by how easy it was to do - and how much quicker I can now pin entries to Food on Friday etc....

As you will see if you follow the link, all you have to do is right click the image, push add to Favourites, Favourites Bar and there it will be.  Easy peasy.

Pin It


  1. NO you are not the last---I have yet to figure out the whole Pinterest thing.


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