Friday 15 February 2013

Creating a Table for your Link Ups page

I have found a table generator that made it easier to put linky buttons into neat rows and columns.  I found it on 2 Create a Website

It was free and relatively easy to use.  Once you have got your table set up you can just enter each button code into the relevant place.

The settings I chose were Border Size 1, Width of Table 95%, 3 columns

You also have to choose a colour for your border (which I recommend you have because I tried it without and it looked funny) and for your background colour – I chose a grey initially but will probably change that.

It is worth fiddling around to get the table settings right before starting to put the buttons in because otherwise you have to search round in the morass of code to find what you want to change – and I don't know about you but html coding makes me nervous.

Once you have your table set up, all you do to put a code in is go to html and then paste the code over the column no and row no which will look something like this "row 1, column 1".

Good luck!  It took me a bit of time but the result is much better than the haphazard page I started with.

I have one remaining problem that I need to work out how to fix without redoing the whole page.  Right up til almost the last the width of the table fitted nicely into my page and then suddenly it expanded to cover my sidebar … sigh

 [Update – I have temporarily almost fixed it by taking out the buttons that were too big – I now need to work out how to shrink them so they can go back in]

[further update – this post by The Scrap Shoppe told me how to shrink blog buttons … phew!]

OMG – now I find the page displays perfectly on Google Chrome but all wonky on Internet Explorer!   If this page is not displaying properly in Internet Explorer ie the columns are bleeding over the sidebar, you can fix this by hitting F12 and then selecting Internet Explorer 9 (or whatever number you are ) Compatibility View and Internet Explorer 9 (or whatever) standards.  This fixed it for me.

PS:  One final tip - I suggest you save the table format code and all the button codes in a Word document so you can re-create your page if it all goes wrong - I didn't the first time round and had to start again from scratch.  I also suggest you decide in your Word document what order you want your buttons in, I started trying to drag and drop them and it completely mucked up the page - that's why I had to start over
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  1. ooh very cool tips I hate all the different sizes it looks so messy

  2. Thank you so much for this! I have been putting off doing this for a few weeks but I have got to get my link page cleaned up.
    This will be very useful for me when I go to do mine hopefully tonight....or this weekend.

    With Smiles,
    Angie at

  3. Thank you for the tip. Thanks for joining Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)


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