Wednesday 30 January 2013

The benefits of right sizing your pics

Today, I wanted to discuss with you the size of the photos you upload to your posts.
If you have a camera with lots of mega pixels and upload photos from it straight into your post, the pics will be large in terms of pixels.  This means they will look nice BUT

1                   They will tend to make your post load more slowly for your readers – who may not have unlimited bandwidth; and

2                   They will count towards Blogger's photo limit.  This means that some day, maybe quite soon, you will find yourself unable to upload photos unless you organize to pay more!

You can avoid both these consequences simply by resizing your photos to be under the size that gets counted for Blogger's photo limit.  I resize to 500 pixels but I understand the limit is 800x600.  Here is a link to an article that discusses this issue.

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  1. blogger does not have you pay more after a certain limit. What they do is just automatically re-size your photos when you upload them. (read the note about free storage size)

  2. I sometimes forget to resize my photos but I'm trying to get them to be consistent.

    I use Photobucket for my photos- I use the HTML code so that Blogger doesn't count it towards its limit =)

  3. Loving all of your great tips! Your newest follower! :)

    Kathy @

  4. nice post sir "The benefits of right sizing your pics"
    blogger tips

  5. I never knew this but will try to remember to resize my one likes a slow loading site.

  6. very important post...I usually re-size to 600*400


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