Wednesday 13 February 2013

Can you help?

This post is looking for some assistance.  I have made a page on my main blog, Carole's Chatter for the buttons from link ups that I participate in.  But when I copy the code in the buttons go all over the place and don't look very nice.  Does anyone know how to put them in neat rows and columns?

I guess the other option I have is to put links to the blog in instead - rather than the buttons - but that wouldn't look so good either - although it would take up less space.  Your thoughts???
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  1. I have this same problem and it annoys me to no end. please let us know if you find a fix for this!

  2. Hi Carole. I have looked for tutorials on this before, and this is one of the best one's I've come across that I had in my bookmarks hope it works for you! Let me know if it does.

  3. I'm not an expert by any stretch, but I've had success setting the page to a centre margin and making sure the buttons each have a space between them....


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