Thursday 22 November 2012

So far, so good, I think I've killed the spam!

You know how I don't like the word verification stuff - and so don't have it turned on, on my blogs.  But on my main blog, Carole's Chatter, I have been getting quite a lot of spam comments.  I think this is because some of my posts have been submitted to StumbleUpon and Reddit and this seems to attract lots of page views - and spam.

Finally I figured out how to kill the spam - without having to use word verification.  All I did was go into my dashboard in Blogger and click Settings.  Then click Posts and Comments. You will find a question "Who can comment?".  I changed from anyone to Registered User - and that doesn't let anonymous comments through.  Don't forget to click on the orange Save Settings button towards the top right or else nothing will change.

I was a bit worried that some legit comments would be stopped - so I changed my little spiel about comments to ask anyone who had trouble to email me - but all the normal comments seem to be coming through just fine.

So if the thing stopping you killing the "prove you are not a robot" thing is the spam - I think this might solve your problem.  And it really is in your blog's best interests to change to no word verification - it does put so many people off from commenting on your blog.

Good luck.
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  1. You have lots of great resources here! Glad I found you :)

    I am stopping by from GFC hop. Love for you stop by and return the follow when you get a chance. Also, hosting Like Me on Facebook later tonight. Love to have you link up :)
    Julie @ Naptime Review

  2. Cool! I, too, have been getting alot of spam comments lately. Great to know that can be stopped!

    Found you via the Grow Your Blog hop and I look forward to following for more tips and advice. Following GFC. If you'd care to follow back, I'm at

  3. LOL I love this! New follower.

  4. Thanks Carole, I used it, I sent a message out to my fb followers since they tend to be the ones who use that function - it's just got beyond a joke.


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