Friday 24 August 2012

The Importance of Photos

All experienced bloggers know this.... but for the newbies out there.  Remember to have a photo for each and every post you do.  And put it right up the top of the post.

If you don't have photos of your own, google one - but be careful - if you are a blog with commercial content - like ads or you are trying to sell something - then you must only publish photos that are for common use or that you have permission to use.  There are a lot of common use photos out there.

If you get a photo off Google Images, remember to save it to your hard drive before posting it.  If you don't, you will find it disappears from your blog after a while.

If you are using your own photos, try to get them as good quality as you can.... here I am in the glasshouse throwing stones since my photos leave a lot to be desired still - particularly when I am snapping food at night - artificial light does you no real favours.

Do try and put captions on as many of your photos as you can - apparently it helps search engines find you, too.

Good luck with your images.

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  1. Hi Carole! You left a comment on my blog (The Funner Life) About linking up to "Books You Loved." I was wondering where the link to that may be?
    Libbi H.


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