Friday 31 August 2012

Replying to comments

It took me absolutely ages to realise that it was largely pointless replying to comments on your own blog.  Most people don't sign up to be notified of replies, so they won't see your reply unless they happen to come back to that post for some reason.

So finally I figured out that the best thing was to visit the blog of the person leaving the comment and leave a comment on their blog - sometimes replying to what they said or often just making a comment on one of their posts.

The only replies I do on my blog is where the person doesn't have a blog or I can't figure out which blog they come from.  I do warn people commenting that this is what I do like this:


  1. It took me a while to figure this out. And now I've also realized you can make it so people can reply to your comments by email. Here's the page I read to learn how to do that, if you're interested. :)

  2. Camille, all suggestions are most welcome. Cheers

  3. I'm still the crazy that replies on the blog lol. I do state where you type the comments that I do so. On another note, you may absolutely link my article on Staying safe on Pinterest. Thanks so much for doing so! Have a great weekend.

  4. Most of bloggers who comment on my blog or leave a question don't really come back for check reply so I just left them unanswered except for those who regularly check my posts. As for my inquiries, I do go back to their blogs to check for reply.

  5. that's what i do...I comment back on their blog.


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