Friday 12 July 2013

Sick of being rejected by Foodgawker?

Update as at 30 July - it looks like Recipe Newz has stopped operating - no reason given.  Very sad!
If you are sick of trying to have your recipe posts accepted by Foodgawker, you might like to try Recipenewz

Once you are registered with them (it's free) you can submit your recipes and they will show up on the site shortly afterwards.  I've already done 4 or 5 and found it easy to do and am already seeing much more traffic as a result.

I find the quality of the food shown on Recipenewz every bit as good as Foodgawker – the only difference I have noticed is that the site is a little slower to load when you click on a picture to go to the post.

Hope you find this helpful, too!
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1 comment:

  1. I am already registered with Recipenewz and found that it is a good site to share the latest recipes.Its easy and no waste of time...
    On the other way,I continue to submit to foodgawker because they analyze each image and give the reason for rejection.From those reasons, I try to improve my photography skills...


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